My friends
The therapists
The books
Talk about "deserving."

"Do you not deserve better?
Do you think you don't?
Aren't you due?"

They dole out deservedness
Like a children's participation trophy
After the team got no-hit.

I'd deserted deserving -
I'd got what I deserved;
I'd deserved what I got.
The word was Sanskrit to me.

What does a Bohemian
With god issues do with "due?"
Turn it into a manifesto for entitlement?
Graft it on to his already solipsistic Weltanschauung?
Perfect a machine that runs on auto-ego?


But souls know what to do.
Our spirits deserve to grow.
Their very eternity earns nurturing.

Our essence requires connections.
Our beings need to enlighten.
Our compassion must be fashioned.

Prerogative is a desert.
Earthly deserving is a mirage.
A perpetual passport is a wellspring,
An otherworldly oasis.

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