Contracted Bodymind

Body-bound brain
Depraved cave
Inbred instinct
Innate animality
Impulsive implosion
Seductive obstruction
Corporeal captivation
Banal stimulation
Distraction reaction
Contraction attraction
Conditioned attrition
Addictive fiction
Alienated degeneration
Seashell self-deception
Echoing skull-hull
Concave conscious
Headlong short-sightedness
Illusioned dissolution
Gross engrossment
Petty pull of meager mind
Consumer tumor
Corpus derelicti
Reflex simplex
Reduction seduction
Shabby habit
Mundane brain drain
Alienated sameness
Homeless aloneness
Stranded driftwood
Private prison
Confined ferality
Gravity of depravity
Circumscribed vibe
Closed meeting
Voluntary mind-slaughter
Thus far - no further
Soul murder

Curve outward
To convex complexities.
Start acting as if;
Shades of gray matter.
Shake the hateful weight.
Surmount the surface-us:
Transcend the transient.
Reach through the breach
Beyond the be;
We the me.

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